Saturday, November 20, 2004

Smaller, Faster and Cheaper

The ENIAC which was the first digital computer and it was huge! It had less power than the original IBM AT 8086 desktop which was 8 MHz with 512k of RAM. I still have one and use it for my world clock, not much use for it after that.

More about the ENIAC:

Computer Historical Photos:

Another example would be when I worked at a fortune 25 companies our Big Iron IBM mainframe had 40 Meg hard drives that were as big as a full size refrigerator. We had 60 of them and they we water cooled. Years later they were replaced with one unit that was about the size of one full size refrigerator that held 90gig. All of the 40 meg drives where removed. We have so much empty space left in the data center management held a celebration putting tournament in the empty space with 18 putting holes.

Here is funny story on the 40 meg refrigerator hard drives. A third party company was contract to remove and dispose of the hardware. They loaded them onto a Simi, but did not tie them down or lock the wheels on the hard drives. As a result when the truck pulled out of the loading dock as started up the hill all the hard drives shifted to the back of the trailer ripping the doors off, dumping them all on the ground and some roll back down the hill. What a mess that was. We were glad that was not our project.

That was the last time I saw a hard drive with wheels!

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