Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Fighting Spyware

Ad-aware is good, recently Sypbot has become the preferred anti-spyware software as Ad-aware no longer will detect certain versions of known spyware like Gator and Hotbar to name a few. These spyware companies put legal pressure on Ad-aware and other anti-spyware software to have their software removed form their detection lists.

Also before you download anti-spyware check it on Spyware Wwarrior’s web site to ensure that the anti-spyware that you are downloading is not Rouge anti-spyware. There are several hundred rogue anti-spyware programs being free/sold that even show up in Google Ads that are actual the very thing that they claim to get rid of “SPYWARE”

Jen you should be fine with Ad-aware, but I recommend that you add Spybot too.

Links an Article on Rouge Anti-Spyware


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