Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Parent Awareness of PC Usage

Having reloaded many home computers for my business customers, most of the parents that I have work with on their computer have no idea what there kids are up too, where they have been or how to tell what has been done on the computer.

My worst case was a parent brought us there computer to be reloaded as it was full of spyware. We had just reloaded that same PC a month pervious. This go around, we found a ton of adults images. Normally we simply dismiss it as we always find adult stuff, not because the user was downloading it, but because of adult spam, spyware, adult joke apps, adult malicious ware, and viruses, etc. So it is not uncommon to find that stuff peppered all over the computer.

However this time it was a lot of clear web surfing to the common name adult sites. It was in their boy’s XP profile that we found the stuff in the internet cache while doing a search for family pictures that the parent wanted to save. Any rate the parents being good religious people were dumb founded and very embarrassed. It is typically the case, shock, bewildered, upset, angry, and embarrassed in that order.

Do you know how much adult material is on your PC? You might be unpleasantly surprised, especially if you have kids and they use your computer.

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