Thursday, December 09, 2004

Killing Evil on the Desktop

I have given up on the desktop software that detect evil email, as it was often incorrect, would get corrupted and fail to reinstall even after a registry scrub. For an evil counter measures I have fallen back to the gateway of the internet where it enters a business, usually a single point for a small business. I have installed with most of my customers gateway security software that checks email from evil and spam.

I have tested about 12 different gateway security software programs. Most of them sux and are worthless. I have settled on GFI’s Mail Security and Essential software. It is not perfect but it is the best that I have tested. My customers love it and speak highly of it. The mail security will detect virus some Phishing. I had some customers that were getting 150 virus emails a day. At the desktop they use Symantec Corporate Edition Anti-virus. However the users get frustrated with the anti-virus popping up every few minutes killing evil email. So we kill evil at the gate and the users do not have to deal with see it.

Here is the Security Software:

Here is the SPAM software:

It works like this:

Gateway Server
Mail Security Check
Mail Spam Check
Mail Server
Users Outlook

I do not have any desktop security or anti-spam software that I can honestly recommend. I will revisit the desktop for home users at a many the end of 1st Qrt in 2005 after the vendors have released their 2nd Gen apps.

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