Tuesday, December 07, 2004

SATA, ISO and Graphics Cards

When buying a new computer you might consider two SATA Drives, one for the OS and the other for your apps and data. Also putting the Windows Swap file on the other hard drive for a bit of an additional performance boost.

I have dual DVD CDRW drives, but I never use them as I had envisioned. Instead I burn my CD’s to a single ISO file to an external Firewire drive. When I need to copy a CD or make several copies the burn times with the ISO are really fast burning from an ISO. I create ISO files for backup only so I do not have to carry so many CD’s.

For gaming you need to look at the video card review from TechTV. The newer games with all the intense eye candy (shadows, reflections, frame rates) are too much for the built in card on the motherboard. I would look at Robert Heron’s Video roundup. I trust him for video card reviews.

I am not a PC gamer (surprisingly). G4TechTv is devoted to gaming and have the better reviews on these matters. Tech support is my game. It is embarrassing when my thirteen old son whip my butt on the Game Cube.

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