Monday, January 31, 2005

About Feasibility Studies for the SDLC

Why is it so important?

As the title of the report states, is the project capable of being accomplished or brought about? Is it possible?Is it logical? It answers these questions. It is to establish whether or not at an early stage as possible the project is realistic.
  • The principal work areas for the project will have been identified.
  • Any needs for specialist staff to be involved in the later stages of the project willhave been noted.
  • Possible improvement or potential for savings may have become apparent duringthe investigation.
What is its purpose? It is to establish the feasibility of introducing a computer system. There three main areas: economic, technical and organizational.
  • Costs (Systems analysis and design, Purchase of hardware, Software costs, Training costs, Installation costs, Conversion and changeover costs, Redundancy costs)
  • Benefits (Savings in labour costs, Benefits due to faster processing, Better decision making, Better customer service, Error reduction)
  • Cost Benefit Comparison (This weights the difference in the hard costs and the non-measurable benefits.)
This is the technical possibility and desirability of a computer solution. There are several categories that are desired that can make the project more feasible:
  • Does it follow Rule-governed tasks?
  • Does it eliminate Repetitive task?
  • Does it solve Complex tasks?
  • Does it have a High degree of accuracy?
  • Does it have Speed of response?
  • Can the Data used for many tasks?
Organizational Feasibility This is also known as "Operational Feasibility". It addresses:
  • Will the organization accept the system or will there be conflict?
  • Will people be able to cope with the new system?
  • Is the organizational structure compatible with the new system?

Who is it written for?
It is for everyone involved in the process the developers, management and the customer.

Why is SIGN-OFF necessary on this deliverable? Sign off means that all parties agree and it is a must in order to move onto the next stage. It is also there for the CYA factor. The fact that someone signed off means that they understand the project being proposed and are giving the ok to proceed.

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