Monday, January 31, 2005

Pharming - The New Buzzword

Let me be the first to introduce to you a new security buzzword that I just read about today.


Like Phishing it attempts to capture your user name and password by directing you to an evil web site that appears to be legit. Phishing requires the user to click on a link in SPAM. Pharming is handled at the DNS level. The evil doer changes your local host file to direct your request to your banking site to their evil server.

Another methods is to change your default ISP DNS server in your TCP/IP setting to the evil doers evil DNS server. Once that happens you can not tell if you are really at your banks web site or the evil doers web site. Once you enter your user name and password they have your banking account.

We have seen this with spyware putting entries into the local host file and changing the DNS settings over the last six months. Now evil doers are going for your bank account using the same methods.

More on Pharming

Here is an article about Phishing.

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