Friday, January 07, 2005

MS Anti-Spyware Software

We are getting a lot of enquires about the new Microsoft Anti-Spyware software. They released it yesterday. It is BETA1 which means that there are two more releases to come before the final release. The next two are RC1 and RC2 then the final release.

We ask that you NOT download and install the software unless you are having serious spyware issues. It is BETA software which is buggy and has issues per the internet buzz. Please wait for the final release for your business and home computers.

With that said, we have tested it in the lab (under ideal conditions) and have found it to be impressive as to the finding and proper cleanup of the registry, left over files and finding things that the others anti-spyware did not find. It has a bunch of new features that are going to be really nice and welcomed in the fight against spyware.

Please be patient as I do not think the testing cycle will last very long. It is nice as a BETA application and if you are having serious spyware issues then it is worth a try to kill the evil.

Here is the link to the BETA software:

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