Saturday, January 08, 2005

When to use which Database Vendor

On databases one thing a number of people do not understand is which database vendor to use when. Below I have put together a basic comparison list to give you a better idea of the amount of data by the size and need. The price of each solution goes up as the need to scale and maintain larger data stores.

  • File (.dat, .dbf, .xls, .csv) = Car, Motorcycle, walking
  • SAM (.mdb (Access), MSDE = Van or large 4 wheeled truck
  • SQL (MS SQL) = a fleet of semi-trucks nearing trains
  • Oracle = a fleet of trains nearing 747’s
  • DB2 (mainframe) = a fleet of trains, 747 airplanes and very large/fast cargo ships

So you use the database vendor for the need, size, cost and ease.

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