Monday, January 24, 2005

Not Using the SDLC

What if there is a small company that does not believe in the SDLC process?? Does this mean they will fail as a company???

Of course not! As with all things, there are several ways to do the same thing. A small business method could not follow the SDLC at all, but upon closer examination it might have traces of the SDLC process and they do not even know they are using it regardless of their belief.

When your home computer is broken and/or you want to upgrade it, you take it to your favorite computer store or you do it yourself. This meets the definition of a project.

Does a simple repair or upgrade require an elaborate SDLC? ...for the most part no. It is reasonable and manageable to do it without SDLC.

Now lets scale this a bit. Lets say you have 5 computers that need service. Would you need a SDLC? ...for the most part no, because the number of devices and the complexity are still minimized.

Ok, lets scale this a little more. Lets say you have 35 computers to upgrade. Would you need a SDLC. ...yes and no. I would highly recommend that you come up with an action plan and costs before taking on such a project both for your sake and the customers.

Finally let really scale this up. Lets say you now have 10,000 computers to upgrade. Would you need a SDLC. Absolutely yes There are too many devices and too many variables that not having a SDLC could result is a huge disaster and be very costly. Then everything that is being taught in the lecture and text are applicable to a very high degree, and yes you had better have your CYA component in place.

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