Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What's in a Title for System Analyst?

You may find when working for a very large company that a system analyst maybe a generic title/term associated with a pay grade. However your title being a system analyst you may be limited to a certain area in a certain department.

I have two real world examples:

Employee A & B works for the worlds largest drug company. His & Her title(s) are both systems analyst and they both have the same pay grade within the company. Both work in the MIS Group. Employee A works as a Lotus Notes Administrator. Employee B works as a Java Developer. Neither do what is described in the text as a systems analyst.

Employee X & Y works for the worlds largest bank. Both are systems analysts and have the same pay grade. One is a network engineer and the other builds servers for the enterprise.

Neither of these big companies follow what a systems analyst description is. So when applying for a systems analyst job, make sure you understand the duties and responsibility of a systems analyst are for that job.

I am not trying to confuse what a systems analyst is. I am just trying to make you aware of a potential surprise.

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