Sunday, February 06, 2005

CASE Tools

A good way to manage the timeline is to use a CASE Tool like Microsoft Project. It can be used individually or on a team on a sever to manage the different phases of the SDLC and the timelines. Makes the project file available to all members on the team ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is coming next. It also aids in having to make adjustments to the project timeline less laborious. Managing a project on paper can be very time consuming, and not everyone will know what needs to be next or the status of certain phases of the project.

Another good CASE tool to use is Microsoft Visio. It has many features to make the creation of these logical models less laborious. It can import data and automatically build models. It can import database design information allows for the reverse engineering of a database to include relationships. It can do organization charts, network designs and many more. You can build and link the designs and even layer a design. This is one of my favorite features. It comes with a huge library of symbols and automatic snapping and connecting lines. Once you create a design you can use it in Microsoft Biztalk server and with Visual Studio.Net to create real-time living diagrams of processes and network monitoring.



Visual Studio.Net

This is not meant to be a commercial for Microsoft. These just happen to be tools that I use.

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