Sunday, February 06, 2005

Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools

CASE tools are used to facilitate and expedite the documentation and design of the process. CASE is also known as Computer-Aided Systems Engineering. Both are accepted to be one in the same in the industry.

CASE tools include planning tools, diagramming tools, and prototyping tools, such as computer display, projectors and report tools. Analyst can diagram and prototype ideas that can be display, refined and updated on the spot. By using CASE Tools one can compare the old designs with the new designs to determine what improvements can be made where in a visual form and fashion.

CASE tools are visual in a graphic form and allow everyone to see and understand what the designs are going to look like.CASE tools are known as Upper Level or Upper CASE tools to start at a high level concept and drill down on sub levels to more details of individual components within the entire process.

Examples of CASE Tools are Microsoft Power Point for presentations; Microsoft Visio for organizational charts, system design, database designs, data flow diagrams, etc; Microsoft Word for word processing of documentation; Microsoft Excel for number crunching, connection to real-time inventory, budgeting tool, and data analysis; Microsoft Access for prototype design, proof of concept and connecting to real-time data for analysis; Visual Studio.Net for application development, design, code management, and process analysis; Microsoft BizTalk 2004 for combining Visio, Word, Excel, Access, and Visual Studio.NET into a single system that diagrams and demonstrates live functions and operations of a complete process in a single tool. See the references for links to all these tools.

- Access:
- Excel:
- Power Point:
- Visio
- Word:

GSS Tools that can be used in JAD with CASE
- ICQ:
- IRC:
- Outlook Express:
- Newsgroups:
- Bulletin Boards:

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